I met with Ashley and Josh in Canmore for their engagement session and for once, the weather cooperated.  The sun had just peeked behind the clouds, which allowed us to use pretty much any area and angle we wanted!  We started up along the hillside overlooking the beautiful scenery that surrounds Canmore, and finished down by the river, where I made these two dunk their feet in the icy cold water.  It was so worth it thought ;)  I’m so excited for their wedding day!  I’ve been wanting to shoot at Rouge for a while and am thrilled to have the opportunity, with this wonderful couple!

How did you and your fiancé meet?
We meet five years ago at a bar through a mutual friend. Josh was playing a show with his band and Ashley was going out for drinks with her friends. Little did they know their paths would intertwine that night. One of Ashley’s friends was the guitar player in the band and was planning on meeting up with Ashley at the bar after the show. Fun fact, Ashley was invited to watch the band play that night, but declined as she was not interested…

When our group of friends met up at the bar, we did not really talk to each other. Josh was trying to win Ashley’s friends over, to get to her. But because Josh was talking to Ashley’s friends and not her, she thought he was interested in her friend. So Josh’s plan backfired on him. Long story short, we ended up going on a  date a couple weeks after this night.

Where was your first date and how did it go?

Our first date we went out for drink on the patio at Julio Barrio a couple weeks after we met. As Josh would say, he “took her to the best patio in the city overlooking the Calgary Skyline like a mid summer night dream” haha.  The conversation was pretty basic first date topics like how was our summer so far,  where we went to school and what program, our crappy summer jobs, hobbies, friends, places we’ve traveled, etc. We talked for hours as if we old friends catching up; it was natural. We met up pretty early in the evening and ended up being the last people there at 1:30am on a weeknight. And we’ve been dating ever since.

What are you most looking forward to our your wedding day?

Our bridal party are some of our closest friends. Friendships that started back in Preschool and High School, to siblings who have seen every side of us. Thus, we am most excited for the speeches and hearing them rehash some of our not so bright moments growing up together. Although we may regret saying this as some embarrassing moments are bound to be brought up.

Tell us a little bit about your wedding!
We are getting married and having the reception at the Rouge Restaurant in Inglewood in July. There are some really nice trees and garden there so we instantly feel in love with the venue. It will be semi indoor and outdoor, so we are hoping for some good weather. It is on Calgary’s tried and true list of restaurants, so you know the food will be amazing!
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