I met Lindsay and Kevin at their friend Matt and Jess’ wedding last year and I just remember thinking “I hope these two hire me for their wedding when they get engaged!” and sure enough, they did!  Their down to earth but sweet nature made their session so much fun to shoot.  I absolutely love in-home engagement sessions for a couple of reasons.  Not only are my couples more relaxed at home, but it signifies such a major step in any relationship – moving in together!  They invited me over to their beautiful new home and I had the pleasure of capturing their relationship – as well as their awesome kitties, Maggie and Howie.  From there we took a walk in the park, which had a beautiful view of south Calgary and then headed to the nearby traffic circle to finish off their session.  Hallelujah for tall grass and beautiful light! ;)

How did you and your fiancé meet?

I was very lucky because I had a solid group of friends when I moved to Calgary from Ottawa, and that was how I met Kevin! I met him through a good friend Krista, who played on a recreational baseball team on Friday nights and she suggested I come for drinks after to meet new people (I did not join the team itself, but I went for the socializing and meeting new people after!) I met Kevin in this group. One day Krista invited me to the driving range, she said her friend was bringing a friend as well. And that happened to be Kevin. We hit some balls and went to a patio after and both thought the other was dating someone else at the time (although we weren’t) so we went our separate ways. We met again at a fundraiser about a week later. I say again because Kevin didn’t remember meeting me the first time! At the fundraiser he came up and introduced himself and said “Hi I am Kevin, I don’t think we’ve met.” and I said “yep we did, last weekend”. I think he thought that was the end of it right there. But we went out yet again with friends to a local country bar and after that night we were inseparable! 4.5 years later here we are!

Where was your first date and how did it go?

Our first official date was a drink at Jack Astors. It went pretty typical for a first date. Kevin was super nervous, and I talked too much because I hate awkward silences more than anything so I overcompensated with talking too much! As we were leaving Kevin gave me the tiniest peck so I was convinced that it was over before it started, but he sent me a text message when he got home and that changed my mind!

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day (aside from marrying your spouse)?

I am looking forward mostly to everyone that is important in our lives being in one room at the same time. We have family coming from The Netherlands, from Ontario and Quebec and from different parts of Alberta. From old friends to new, extended family and immediate family, everyone is going to be in one place for an epic weekend! Also really looking forward to vision that we have been working together on coming into reality! It will be a reflection of who we are together and that is going to be so cool to see.

Kevin would also like to add he’s most looking forward to the first look, he’s the sweetest!

Tell us a little bit about your wedding!

A little about our wedding: We are getting married at Panorama Mountain Resort. We love the resort because it felt so alive when we were there to visit. Some people prefer to have a feeling like they have the whole place to themselves, but what drew us to Pano was how many people were on the mountain, biking, hiking, golfing, relaxing. It just felt so us! Kevin and I are both very laid back people and I think that will be reflected in the earthy and mountain feel of the décor and atmosphere. All the flowers will look like you could pick them if you were walking through a meadow on a mountain hike, lots of greenery and neutral colours. We basically want a weekend long celebration and memories with everyone we love! Good food, great music and maybe a beverage or two ;)


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Lovely pictures, Lindsay and Kevin. May you always be happy!
Aunt Mary