I’ll be honest. I usually talk about my couple’s wedding day and the venue (Sky Bistro was incredible!), but I couldn’t wait to share Shirley and Colin’s story!

When I sat down for coffee with them to discuss their wedding, they told me their back story – and it literally goes back to birth!  Colin and Shirley were both born at the same hospital in Hong Kong.  Flash forward to their lives in Calgary, where they both met and began dating.  It wasn’t until that time that they’d discovered that not only had they been born at the same hospital, but they also still have the polaroids that the hospital took of them as newborns (as seen below).  And because this world isn’t small enough, it turns out their parents were acquaintances here in Calgary, roughly 15 years ago.  To say that fate had a hand in their setup is an understatement!  Talk about a match made in heaven!

How did you get engaged?
Colin was acting very suspicious on Dec 4th 2016, showing up looking sharply dressed and having made reservations for our “lunch date”. He even bought me a new sweater too. I remember thinking, “What’s wrong with the sweater I’m wearing?!” He eventually surprised me with a heart-shaped candle display with balloons and flowers at his new place. He set up our matching baby polaroids, photos of us doing similar activities growing up all the way until we met, and of course the photos of us together. After the question was popped and the tears subsided, there was a twist! Time to blow out all the candles (fire hazard!) and set off to an actual lunch date with all of our family members waiting to celebrate with us :)

What is the most memorable moment from your wedding?
We both agree that being surrounded by family and friends who love and care about us at the top of the mountain was the top moment of the day! Seeing everyone enjoying the beautiful weather and re-connecting or getting to know each other for the first time made us very happy.
If you could give one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding, what would it be?
Your wedding is like an open canvas — so have fun painting your day the way you want it to be like with your fiancé. Don’t feel pressured to have certain elements included that aren’t important to you. Also, take time to find your perfect photographer who you are able to connect with! :)
What was your most favourite wedding detail, and why?
Our handwritten letters to each of our guests were our most favourite wedding detail because it gave us the opportunity to carefully express our thoughts and appreciation to each individual. Even though the day was busy and at times felt very rushed, it gave us a sense of comfort knowing our guests had these to read and could take the letters home with them.

Venue:  Banff Gondola Sky Bistro // Bride’s Jewellery:  Swarovski // Bride’s Hair Piece:  Joanna Bisley Designs // Bride’s Dress:  Enchanting by Mon Cheri // Bride’s Ring: Cullinan // Hair: Anastasia K. // Makeup: Christina Polischuk  // Groom’s Suit:  Hugo Boss // Florals:  Incredible Florist // Caterer:  Head Chef Scott Hergott – Sky Bistro // Cake:  Kake by Darci // Officiant:  Patricia Compton

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