Aileen and Ryan got married at the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant in Calgary, Alberta. The restaurant is located in Fish Creek Park, and is a popular, yet stunning venue here in the city. As a Calgary Wedding Photographer, I always look forward to shooting at the Bow Valley Ranche, because they are not only surrounded by the beauty of Fish Creek, but also have rooms upstairs where the brides and grooms can get ready for their wedding. The Ranche is also known for their amazing food, and it doesn’t fall short of anything but spectacular.

Aileen and Ryan chose the Ranche because of its vintage feel, which went along perfectly with their wedding. Aileen wore two different veils for her wedding, each to suit the mood of their day. During their reception dinner, we snuck out to take some golden hour portraits. While it’s not always easy to sneak out during your wedding, if golden hour portraits are important to you, be sure to discuss this with your Calgary Wedding Photographer, as they will fit it into your timeline. Because Aileen, Ryan and I had a very clear communication with regards to their wedding day, I was able to capture the aspects of their wedding they found most important.