Kristie and Chris’ wedding was definitely a first, and hopefully not a last for me.  Although I’ve shot at the Calgary Zoo before, I’ve never had the opportunity to actually go into the enclosure and capture my couples feeding the penguins.  We were given a very informative info session before we headed in, and it was all so interesting.  The zookeeper had mentioned that penguins were like puppies, and she wasn’t lying in the least.  It was so great seeing these beautiful little creatures interact with my couple.  It was hard to leave the exhibit without one in tow!

We then headed into the reception where their family and friends celebrated their marriage over some incredible food (and drinks!).  Because they chose not to have any speeches for their wedding, it really sped their dinner up and opened up their night for more dancing and fun!  I’m so honoured this wonderful couple chose me as their wedding photographer.  It was such a beautiful, memorable day!  And, as always, Amanda’s amazing team at Calgary Wedding Planning Co. did a phenomenal job!

How did you get engaged?

We got engaged almost 2 years ago! It was at home. I was about to take the dogs out for a walk when Chris yelled for me to come quickly (he was in our bedroom). I was worried something was wrong so I ran to the room and found him at the bedroom, door down on one knee holding a ring. I was shocked. I hugged him and asked if he was serious!

What is the most memorable moment from your wedding?

It is hard to pick one most memorable moment as I absolutely loved the whole thing from start to finish. But if I had to choose I think I would say when I started to walk down the aisle. I was incredibly nervous right before the ceremony (felt like intense stage fright). Once I started walking down the aisle, with my parents by my side, and saw Chris I felt all my anxiety just lift away. It was such a magical moment and felt so amazing.

We also got to go into the penguin exhibit to feed them and take photos. This was obviously absolutely amazing.

If you could give one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

Most people I know have complained of feeling stressed while planning their wedding and stressed the day of. I did not feel this at all. My advise is to take your time with the engagement to enjoy it and take time to plan and save. Having a wedding planner was also a huge life saver and I would highly recommend everyone to have one!

What was your most favourite wedding detail and why?

There were so many little details that we loved. The penguins were the most unique part of our wedding. We love animals, so being at the zoo was just amazing. My favourite little detail was our cake topper. We had one custom made of our and our 3 dogs shiloettes. It was so adorable and special to us.

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