I seem to be meeting a lot of my clients over Skype lately, which is just how I’d met Danica and Stephen!  They told me all about their plans for their beautiful wedding day.  They’re getting married at the Lakehouse in July, and I couldn’t be more excited!  I think every Calgary Wedding Photographer knows how dreamy it is to shoot there! ;)  Here’s a bit more about this incredibly sweet couple!

How did you and Stephen meet?
Stephen and I met in university at the U of A (in my third year, and his fifth year). I was on the varsity track and field team and he was on the varsity swim team. We both started going to a group on campus called Athletes in Action, and met in October 2015. It was not love at first sight but we both definitely thought one another was cute. The following April we went on a retreat in Saskatchewan with Athletes in Action and one of the cars broke down on the way there, so the drive back to Edmonton Stephen, my best friend and I were squished into the very back seat of an SUV for 8 hours, so we really got to know eachother very well. After that trip I went home and told my entire family I met my future husband. But it wasn’t until the the fall of 2016 that things got rolling. I told my best guy friend that I was into Stephen, he also happened to be really good friends with Stephen so he invited both Stephen and I to his a party he was having in hopes of getting things rolling. After I left the party my friend was going to smoothly ask Stephen about his current relationship status, but I found out from Stephen after we started dating that my friend had one too many drinks, and according to Stephen dropped my name enough times that he clued into the fact I was into him!! We started casually hanging out and “studying together” (I did SO bad on all my final exams) and we both went home for Christmas that year and told our entire families about one another, and then started dating in January once we were both back in Edmonton and the rest is history!! Long story I know, but I love telling it!

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day (aside from marrying Stephen)?
We are both looking forward to celebrating with all of our family and friends. We both have big families and it will be a massive family reunion for both sides. Plus because Stephen’s family is in Yellowknife and mine in Vancouver it will be the first time some of our family members will meet eachother! It will be so special to have everyone that is important to us there celebrating our marriage with us.
We are ditching a lot of the formal wedding traditions, and putting our own spin on things like a candy bar instead of a cake!

What’s been the funnest process of planning your wedding so far?
The most fun part of our wedding planning process so far has been seeing all the details come together and our dream wedding taking shape. We both had a blast sending out the invites and we LOVED our menu trial at the Lake House, the food was amazing and we both got 6 different wines to sample!


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