About Me

Calgary Wedding Photographer - Stephanie Couture Photography

A Little About Me – in a List!

I was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and sneak out to the mountains every chance I get.

I’m the mother of two of the sweetest (most hilarious) kids I know.  They’re as weird as me (my poor husband!)

I’m a huge bookworm.  The longer the book, the better!

My dream job would be to work with orphaned elephants at the David Sheldrik Wildlife Trust.

To me, the most amazing musicians of all time are Robert Plant and Jimmy Page.  I’m a die hard Led Zeppelin fan.

I’m a reality TV junkie.  You name it, I watch it.

We have 2 rescue furbabies.  Hank the shepherd and Betty the obese house cat.

My favorite food is gnocchi – with a mountain of parmesan on top!

I love making home cooked Italian meals for my family and friends.

I have an undying fear of moths.

I love hearing other people’s ghost stories – it’s always so fascinating!

If I’m not shooting on the weekends, you will most definitely find me camping with the fam.

I have a terrible fear of flying, but love to travel.  The further, the better!

A little about my work

I specialize in wedding photography and my style is simple.  I capture the romantic, natural and candid moments from your wedding day.
There’s nothing I love more than having my couples interacting with one another and having fun on their wedding day.  Capturing those in-between moments are my absolute favorite!

I’m so amazingly blessed to have met such wonderful clients that I have.  They are the reason why my business is thriving and I’m able to honestly say that I love my job.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
I feel honored to have my couples choose me as their photographer – whether it be for their wedding, portrait or family session.  How amazing is it that I can freeze a moment in time for them to look back on and reminisce about?  If you ask me, I’m pretty darn lucky!

Have questions?  I’ve answered a few of them here on my Calgary Wedding Photographers Facts & Questions page!