Megan & TiantianWinter Wedding at Bow Valley Ranche RestaurantCalgary Wedding Photographers

I can’t say enough about Megan and Tiantian!  They were an incredible start to my wedding season this year and I couldn’t have felt more lucky.  Not only did they have their wedding at one of my most favourite venues, but they had a brunch wedding!  We started early in the morning at 9 and wrapped things up at 3.  It was so weird finishing my day, when in most instances, it’d just be starting.  Their day started off on time (something that usually never happens), and flowed easily into their first look, and then their ceremony, followed by the tea ceremony, then brunch and portraits.  It was incredibly cold March 5th, but nothing a few snuggles between the two of them couldn’t fix!

How did you get engaged?
It was a surprise proposal, I took Megan to the Escape room and guided her to the last door. When she opened the door, all of our friends were waiting there with flowers and the ring.

What is the most memorable moment from your wedding?
For me, it was the ceremony.

If you could give one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding, what would it be?
Plan ahead, do not rush.
*I couldn’t agree more with Megan and Tiantian on this one.  Take your time.  Do your research on the vendors you love and make sure you connect with them on not just a business level, but personal one as well.  It’ll definitely help make the day go more smoothly!

What was your most favorite wedding detail, and why?
I think my favorite is the venue.  The Bow Valley Ranche is awesome.

Venue: Bow Valley Ranche // Bride’s Dress: Mikaella // Groom’s Suit: Hugo Boss // Wedding Planner & Coordinator:  Magical Moments Event Planning  //
Videographers:  Parfait Productions  // Florals: Flowers by Janie // Officiant: Tamara Jones



Groom room - bow valley ranche wedding details - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4341 jimmy chop bride shoes - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4344 Bow Valley Ranche prep room - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4345 bride room bow valley ranche - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4348 first look at bow valley ranche - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4350 ceremony at bow valley ranche - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4356 charicature artist at wedding - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4360 wedding party at bow valley ranche - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4362 Bridal party - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4363 Tea ceremony - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4367 Tea Ceremony at bow valley ranche - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4369 Naked wedding cake - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4372 Winter wedding - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4375 Calgary Winter Wedding - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4376 Beautiful rose and blush bouquet - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4377 Calgary winter wedding - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4380 Winter wedding in fish creek - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4382 Fish creek park wedding - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4383 Winter bow valley ranche wedding - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4386 calgary asian wedding - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4389


Calgary Wedding Photographers // Brunch Winter Wedding at the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant

Megan & TiantianWinter Engagement Session at Lake MinnewankaBanff Wedding Photographers

I had such a blast spending the afternoon with Megan and Tiantian.  We were scheduled to shoot their session two times prior, but kept having to reschedule due to poor road conditions or risking frostbite!  The weather luckily cooperated (finally) and we spent some time out at Lake Minnewanka in Banff, and enjoyed the 70 km/h wind gusts!

I absolutely love Megan and Tiantian’s story on how they met.  Their love story was a long time in the making. :)

How did you and your fiancé meet?

We were set up by our friend in Calgary in September 2014. We both graduated from Newfoundland and we have lots of common friends there.  We even went to a party in the same house, but never met each other before we moved to Calgary.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day (aside from marrying your spouse)?

For me, it’s the first look and all the speeches.
For Megan, it’s first look and the way she walks with her father to the ceremony.
We are really looking forward to seeing our dogs in the ceremony.

Tell us a little bit about your wedding!

We will have an intimate brunch wedding around 35 people at Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant, and we will have a tea ceremony for just our family members 15 minutes before the reception.

What’s been the funnest process of planning your wedding so far?

I think it will be that all of the vendors we found all know each other.
lake minnewanka engagement session - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4313 engagement session with dogs - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4316 lake minnewanka engagement session - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4318 winter mountain engagement - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4319 winter engagement session - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4336 winter engagement session in the mountains - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4322 winter engagement session in banff - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4331
Calgary Wedding Photographers // Banff Wedding Photographers


Lindsay & JamieA Beautiful Winter Engagement SessionCalgary Wedding Photographers

I had such a blast with Lindsay and Jamie at their engagement session!  Planning their session was so touch and go.  The weather for the past couple of weeks back in December was averaging around -25, but luckily we had a warfront move in while they were in town!  I can’t wait to capture their wedding at the Calgary Zoo this summer!

How did you and Jamie meet?

Jamie and I met at work. He showed up at our office in Ottawa as the new guy who drove all the way out east from Calgary. One day he had to use some software in the office next to mine and we started talking and I immediately knew we had to be friends. We “connected” outside of work on LinkedIn, which is weird and funny and not the normal use of that social media platform… After spending the summer getting to know each other as friends, we started dating and the rest is history!

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day (aside from marrying Jamie)?

Being surrounded by so many amazing people from every little corner of our lives. I think it will be a little overwhelming too but it’s going to be special to have both of our families and our closest friends all be there at the same time, all to celebrate our special day. My family lives in Ontario so our families haven’t met yet and there won’t be many opportunities where they will all be together.

Tell us a little bit about your wedding!

We are getting married at the Calgary Zoo in August. The ceremony will take place in the Arbor Garden and the reception in the Enmax Conservatory – we chose this venue because we were looking for a place that was beautiful on its own and would require minimal decorating.

What’s been the funnest process of planning your wedding so far?

I think seeing what we can create when we work together. We are both creative but it’s not too often we get to collaborate in that capacity so it’s been fun. We left ourselves a lot of time to do everything so it hasn’t been stressful (yet) and it’s cool to see where our skill sets are complementary.


shannon terrace engagement - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4274 Engagement session in fish creek - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4277 fish creek park engagement - Calgary Wedding Photographer_4280


Calgary Wedding Photographers // Calgary Engagement Session


Larissa & TylerA Cozy Canmore Engagement SessionCalgary Wedding Photographer

I had such a blast with Larissa and Tyler at their engagement session in Canmore!  Thanks to some freakishly warm weather we’d been having this season, we managed to get some wonderful cozy shots in, without being bundled up to the nines!  I’m so excited for their wedding already!

How did you and Tyler meet?

Tyler and Larissa met before high school when Tyler and Larissa’s brother played on the same hockey team. They would partner together in games every chance they could, and feelings grew from there. They started dating Larissa’s first year of university and moved in together November of 2014.

We have been blessed to grow up around successful marriages, and some of those relationships started the same as ours. Larissa’s grandparents and parents were both introduced through a brother, so we hope to have a marriage as strong as theirs.

What are you most looking forward to on your wedding day (aside from marrying your spouse)?

Larissa –  I am most excited to see Tyler for the first time on our wedding day. It will be the last time as my fiance, before we promise each other our forever (and I get to call him my husband – AHH). The ceremony is what I am most excited for, but thinking of everything after is exciting too! It will be so much fun to celebrate in front of our closest family and friends. We intend to be on the dance floor all night long :)

Tyler – Aside from seeing Larissa for the first time as she walks down the aisle, Larissa and I are most excited to declare our love for each other in front of all our friends and family. We hope to capture many amazing memories as we celebrate with the people we love!

*Note – we did the answers for #2 independently! Funny how close our responses were!

Tell us a little bit about your wedding!

We are having a summer wedding with an outdoor ceremony and indoor reception. We love the heat and summer is our favorite season, so this is perfect for us! We are expecting about 200 guests coming in from all over western Canada. We will have a very romantic feel with dusty rose and navy as our color scheme. All kinds of music playing but country is our favorite – we got engaged the weekend of Calgary’s first country music festival (although the proposal happened on the golf course). Both of our families are Ukrainian and love dancing! It will be a very fun celebration with a full dance floor and busy bar.

calgary-wedding-photographer_4252 calgary-wedding-photographer_4253 calgary-wedding-photographer_4254 canmore wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4256 calgary-wedding-photographer_4257 calgary-wedding-photographer_4258 engagement session in canmore calgary-wedding-photographer_4260 winter engagement session calgary-wedding-photographer_4262 winter engagement session in canmore calgary-wedding-photographer_4264 calgary-wedding-photographer_4265 calgary-wedding-photographer_4266 winter engagement calgary-wedding-photographer_4268 calgary-wedding-photographer_4269 calgary-wedding-photographer_4270 calgary-wedding-photographer_4271 calgary-wedding-photographer_4272 calgary wedding photographers


Calgary Wedding Photographer // Canmore Engagement Session

Wedding Day Tips – Part 2Calgary Wedding Photographer

In my last blog post, which you can view *here*, I covered getting ready and tips you can do to make the most of your prep shots!  Today, I’ll be discussing everything that comes after.

Choosing your Ceremony Time

This is not something most couples put into consideration (I, myself, was guilty of this).  You’re engaged, you’re planning your wedding and you just want to get married!  Well, your ceremony time can greatly impact a couple of things.  First, it’ll affect how much coverage you require from your Calgary wedding photographer.  Second, it’ll affect your portraits (as well as the ceremony itself, if you’re outside).

I usually suggest couples leave roughly 1.5 to 2.5 hours between the end of their ceremony and the beginning of their reception (not including cocktail hour).  I’m able to efficiently capture family portraits, wedding party and bride/groom portraits (as well as factoring in travel time to a new location in) within that amount of time.  If you have a 5 to 6 hour gap between your ceremony and reception, you’ll not only require more time from your photographer, but your guests and wedding party *may* (I’m not saying they will) get bored and wonder what to do with all that time in between.

Another thing to factor in if you’re getting married outside, is where the sun will be on the day of your wedding (if it’s not overcast and/or raining).  If you’re getting married anytime from 12pm to 2pm outside in the summer, you run the risk of having the sun right above your heads.  Not only is it harder to capture with our cameras, but you run the risk of having harsh shadows run under your eyes and nose – which is never flattering.

lesbian wedding - calgary wedding photographer

Family Pictures

This topic is quite important to me.  If your photographer hasn’t asked for a family shot list, I’d suggest bringing one along for your wedding day (or having a parent bring one with them).  For family pictures I ask that my couples only list immediate family members (parents/siblings/grandparents).  I can definitely accommodate extended family, so long as there is enough time between my couple’s ceremony and reception.

Your wedding could be the only time your family will *all* be together in the same room in a long time.  Make sure you don’t let that opportunity pass you by.

I apologize in advance for sounding like a Debbie Downer, but I’ve got a sad story of my own.  When I got married, my grandpa from out of town flew in just for our wedding.  It was the best wedding gift I could’ve received.  Unfortunately, I never had any pictures taken with him.  He’s since passed away and I’m left with that deep regret.

The last thing I want is for my couples to have the same regret I did, which is why I always require a family shot list from my couples.

Wedding at Bow Valley Ranche - Calgary Wedding Photographer

Be Mindful of Where you Place your Details

By details, I mean your head table, your cake table as well as the podium.  With regards to the head table and podium, I usually suggest my clients not place them in front of a window.  While the view outside may look spectacular, it is usually troublesome for our cameras.  Having large windows situated behind your head table/podium, will usually result in over blown/faded images, even when artificial lighting (such as strobes and flashes) are used.  If you want to draw attention to your cake and any other details you’re highlighting, be sure not to place them in front of a busy background.  For example, try to avoid placing your cake in front of the fire exit, tvs (which some hotels and golf courses have in their banquet rooms), or in the corner where cables and light switches are visible.

Wedding at HQ Studio - Calgary Wedding Photographer

Have Fun 

There will be hiccups along the way.  You’re there to celebrate the union of you and your significant other.  Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye so be sure to take it all in.  Laugh too much, eat in excess and take the shot. ;)

Wedding at the Nash - Calgary Wedding Photographer


Calgary Wedding Photographer


Wedding Day Tips – Part 1Calgary Wedding Photographer

Wedding Day Tips – Getting Ready

While planning a wedding can be exciting, there’s also that added stress of making everything perfect, just as you’ve envisioned.  As a Calgary wedding photographer, I always send my clients a little information sheet prior to their wedding, to help make the day go as smoothly as possible.  I’ve compiled a few tips newly engaged couples may find helpful!


Choose your prep location wisely.  While I’ve shot at my fair share of locations, from basements, to hotels and even a barn, I usually suggest locations with ample space to fit all your wedding party members, as well as any other family or friends that may be dropping in.  Lately, my couples have been using Air BnB and it has been nothing shy of amazing.  Not only are most of the homes unique, but they’re quite different than anything a hotel here in Calgary has to offer.  You won’t see dated pictures of ferns on the wall, conference-style telephones on the bedside table, or industrial looking doors with the rubber doorstops mounted on the wall.  The best part?  Air Bnb (and Home Away) are (in most cases) cheaper than booking a hotel room.  As you can see from the photo below, the room my bride got ready in has tons of character.  Her family rented an Air BnB home near the venue they were getting married at and as you can see, the room has a lot of beautiful character to it!

getting ready - calgary wedding photographer


When I arrive at at the bride’s and/or groom’s getting ready location, the first thing I do is scout out the best light possible (which usually happens to be near a window/windows).  The problem with working under artificial lighting (potlights/lamps, etc.) is that they cast harsh shadows, and create a horrible orange/yellow glow in your images.  Your makeup artist and hair stylists will (in most cases) prefer you sit in front of the window as well.  In the image below, you can see the window behind the Mother of the Bride, and there’s also a window to the bride’s left.  My bride was seated a few feet away from the window, which got rid of any harsh light from the window, allowing it to fall softly on her face.

Bow Valley Ranche Wedding - calgary wedding photographer

Stay Tidy

I also ask that my clients (kindly) keep a clean/tidy surrounding of where they’re getting ready.  When I shoot, I like to have nothing distracting popping up in your images (such as gift bags, dirty clothes, empty glasses, etc.), as it can be distracting and cause you to lose focus of what’s really happening in the image.  Imagine getting your wedding images and coming across this beautiful moment – your mom is crying because she’s seeing you in your wedding dress, you’re overwhelmed with tears of joy… and then there’s a bright red duffel bag in the background with clothes hanging out of it.  Your eyes will initially go to the special moment shared between you and your mom and then land on the duffel bag.  By hiding anything that may be distracting, it’ll allow us photographers to capture these special candid moments without having to worry about the “noise” in the background.

Bow Valley Ranche Wedding - calgary wedding photographer

The Details

Not all couples care about the detail shots, such as your wedding jewellery, shoes, cufflinks, etc., but if you do, it is always handy to have them out and ready to be photographed.  It’s not only a time saver for us, but eliminates me stopping your hair or makeup artist so you can find your accessories.

Wedding Shoes - Calgary Wedding Photographer

I hope you found these few tips helpful!  Stay tuned for Part 2!


Calgary Wedding Photographer

Kelsey & JamieA Romantic Canyon Meadows Golf Course WeddingCalgary Wedding Photographer

It was kind of a whirlwind, last minute booking that occurred when Kelsey and Jamie booked me, but I couldn’t have been more happy.  Their down to earth, laid back nature made for such an incredibly fun wedding to shoot!  When I woke up the day of their wedding, I saw this thick and heavy fog out the window and kept all fingers crossed it’d stick around for portraits.  Well, low and behold, the fog had lifted by the time they left the ceremony, but slowly started to settle as we drove to Fish Creek Park for their photos.  By the time we were ready to head back to their reception at the Canyon Meadows Golf Club, the fog had gotten even thicker.  I still can’t complain.  Mother Nature gave us enough to work with, and we made some pretty incredible images!

How did you get engaged?

Jamie and I planned a trip to Japan and Bali over the Christmas break.  We had talked about getting engaged that following year so I had no idea it was coming.  We each planned a dinner in Bali, where I even put “Jamie’s special dinner” on the itinerary I made.  We got to this beautiful spot where there was a private table on a pond overlooking the Ubud forest. Throughout dinner I made at least three comments about how this was “such an engagement spot”, and even went as far as getting down on one knee to fake propose to Jamie.  Even after all of that, he still gave me no inclination as to anything that was about to happen.  At the end of dinner he wanted to dance with me, and brought out his iPod and we danced to a Beatles song we liked, to where he went down on one knee.  It was such a surreal experience.  He definitely did a good job.

What is the most memorable moment from your wedding?

Standing up beside Jamie and looking out to all of our friends and family.  I was so excited to see him all day, knowing how nervous he was.  It was really nice that we had time to have a little side conversation up at the altar (although probably inappropriate) and to take the time and really appreciate what was happening. The speeches were also amazing.  They made us feel really special to have such great people in our lives.

If you could give one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

Plan as much as you can in advance, and be realistic.  Truly, nobody cares about the décor, and the day itself is so much fun it is the least of your worries. I keep tootin’ my own horn that I wasn’t a bridezilla and was able to really enjoy every moment of the wedding day, even when my brothers dropped me during a picture, or when my dress broke, because it’s just the best day and you shouldn’t let anything change that. Oh, and hire a day of coordinator.  It was SO nice to not have to worry about timing or little details.  Sorry, I know that was more than one.

What was your most favourite wedding detail, and why?

The photo booth.  Not only because it was so much fun and people had a blast doing it, but because my brother organized that all for us.  He took care of it all and bought props for it.  It was really special.


Groom watch helping groom get ready cufflinks groom with dogs groom in tuxedo bride together with bridesmaids Calgary wedding dress bride getting into dress bridal prep in calgary calgary-wedding-photographer_4223 first look with bridesmaids Bride walking down the aisle calgary-wedding-photographer_4226 Wedding at Inglewood Lantern Community Church Blush bridesmaids Amborella bridal bouquet bridesmaids in blush dresses in Calgary Groomsmen in Fish Creek Park Wedding in Fish Creek Park Calgary calgary-wedding-photographer_4233 Romantic Calgary Wedding Beautiful Bride in Calgary Shannon Terrace Fish Creek Park Groom at Fish Creek Park October wedding in Calgary romantic wedding in Calgary calgary-wedding-photographer_4240 Fall wedding in Calgary calgary-wedding-photographer_4242 calgary-wedding-photographer_4244 Wedding in Shannon Terrace Calgary calgary-wedding-photographer_4245 calgary-wedding-photographer_4246 Canyon Meadows Golf Course Wedding calgary-wedding-photographer_4248 calgary-wedding-photographer_4249 Candid Wedding Photography


Calgary Wedding Photographer // Canyon Meadows Golf Course Wedding

Aileen & RyanA Vintage Bow Valley Ranche WeddingCalgary Wedding Photographers

Aileen and I ended up doing all our wedding talk over email because she didn’t live in Calgary.  I remember her telling me that she was going for a vintage type feel – so knowing they were looking to have their wedding at the Bow Valley Ranche, I knew everything would come together perfectly!  Aileen and Ryan hand crafted all the decor for their wedding, which as you’ll soon see, turned out beautifully!   And the food?  Yet another reason why I love BVR.  As you’ll see in one of the below pictures, their menu was amazing.  I’m still dreaming of that rose gnocchi!

I’m so grateful this amazing couple chose me to capture their unique, and stunning wedding day.  Here’s a little bit about them!

How did you get engaged?

Ryan: I took her out for dinner under the pretense that it was a celebration for completing her Master’s degree…

Aileen:  …after dinner, when we were at home, he gave me a book and concert tickets to my favourite musician (Hawksley Workman) and then surprised me with the ring, which he had hid in a cookie jar. It was very sweet, (but I had an idea because the week leading up to it whenever he would hold my hand he would rub my ring finger!)

What is the most memorable moment from your wedding?

Ryan: The first look or the ceremony are tied

Aileen:  I didn’t think that it would, but the ceremony really stands out to me, but I have to also say that when Ryan sang my favourite song for me, that was pretty great!

If you could give one piece of advice to couples getting married, what would it be?

Relax, and enjoy it. It goes by so fast!   [Photographer’s note:  I second this 100%.  In the blink of an eye, 12 hours will have passed and you’ll be toasting to your guests at your reception wondering where the day went!]

What is your most favourite wedding detail, and why?

Ryan:  Aileen’s dress, she looked amazing in it. Yeah, Aileen’s dress and the beef tenderloin-it was delicious!
Aileen:  That we wrote and read our own vows.  It was funny how similar they were even though we didn’t share them beforehand! I also really liked how the decor came together. Ryan and I made all of it.  It was a lot of work, but it was so satisfying to see it all at once.

Bow valley ranche - calgary-wedding-photographer_4149 calgary-wedding-photographer_4150 ceremony at bow valley ranche calgary-wedding-photographer_4156 bridal prep room - bow valley ranche calgary-wedding-photographer_4158 bow valley ranche calgary-wedding-photographer_4160 calgary-wedding-photographer_4161 first look at bow valley ranche calgary-wedding-photographer_4163 calgary-wedding-photographer_4164 calgary-wedding-photographer_4165 guests calgary-wedding-photographer_4167 groom walking down the aisle calgary-wedding-photographer_4169 calgary-wedding-photographer_4170 calgary-wedding-photographer_4171 calgary-wedding-photographer_4172 calgary-wedding-photographer_4173 calgary-wedding-photographer_4174 wedding at bow valley ranche calgary-wedding-photographer_4176 calgary-wedding-photographer_4177 calgary-wedding-photographer_4178 calgary-wedding-photographer_4179 calgary-wedding-photographer_4180 calgary-wedding-photographer_4186 wedding party portraits in calgary hand made bouquet timeless calgary bride calgary-wedding-photographer_4190 calgary-wedding-photographer_4191 wedding portraits calgary-wedding-photographer_4193 calgary-wedding-photographer_4194 calgary-wedding-photographer_4195 calgary-wedding-photographer_4196 wedding portraits at bow valley ranche calgary-wedding-photographer_4198 calgary-wedding-photographer_4202 calgary-wedding-photographer_4199 calgary-wedding-photographer_4200 calgary-wedding-photographer_4201 calgary-wedding-photographer_4203 calgary-wedding-photographer_4204 calgary-wedding-photographer_4205 calgary-wedding-photographer_4206 calgary-wedding-photographer_4207 calgary-wedding-photographer_4208 sunset portraits in calgary calgary-wedding-photographer_4210 golden hour portraits calgary-wedding-photographer_4212 calgary-wedding-photographer_4152 bow valley ranche wedding details calgary-wedding-photographer_4182 calgary-wedding-photographer_4183 reception at bow valley ranche calgary-wedding-photographer_4185 calgary-wedding-photographer_4213


Bow Valley Ranche Wedding // Calgary Wedding Photographers


Jess & MattIntimate Lake House WeddingCalgary Wedding Photographer

I remember meeting Matt and Jess at Starbucks for a consult and thinking of how oddly familiar they looked.  I couldn’t put my finger on it and it bothered me for the longest time.  Fast forward a few months, we were shooting their engagement session in Fish Creek when they told me that the reason we’d looked so familiar to each other, was because I shot their friend’s wedding (that they were a bridesmaid and groomsman in)!  I’m so glad we’d managed to strangely reconnect, because their wedding was absolutely stunning.  They got married at The Lake House in front of just their wedding party and 6 other guests.  It was perfect.

How did you get engaged?

Matt proposed to Jess on a hike in Banff.

What is the most memorable moment from your wedding?

Walking into the lake house and seeing all of our friends and family for the first time as a married couple.

If you could give one piece of advice to couples planning their wedding, what would it be?

Just chill out. Whatever happens, happens, don’t let it spoil your day. We ended up going with our plan B and everything worked out great.

What was your most favourite wedding detail, and why?

Having a smaller ceremony but thanks to Stephanie, we were able to share some of the photos from our ceremony with everyone at dinner.


groom prep calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4088 groom shoes calgary wedding photographer groom toast calgary wedding photographer scotch calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4092 truevelle dress calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4094 calgary-wedding-photographer_4095 calgary-wedding-photographer_4096 calgary-wedding-photographer_4097 calgary-wedding-photographer_4098 calgary-wedding-photographer_4099 calgary-wedding-photographer_4100 calgary-wedding-photographer_4101 calgary-wedding-photographer_4102 calgary-wedding-photographer_4103 calgary-wedding-photographer_4104 Shannon Terrace wedding - calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4106 wedding at shannon terrace - calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4108 calgary-wedding-photographer_4109 wedding at fish creek park - calgary wedding photographer bridal portraits calgary wedding photographer bridal bouquet - calgary wedding photographer fish creek park wedding - calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4114 calgary-wedding-photographer_4115 The Lake House calgary-wedding-photographer_4144 calgary-wedding-photographer_4117 The Lake House - calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4119 The Lake House Wedding - calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4121 calgary-wedding-photographer_4122 calgary-wedding-photographer_4123 calgary-wedding-photographer_4124 Anne & Sandy Cross - calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4126 calgary-wedding-photographer_4127 calgary-wedding-photographer_4128 Truevelle wedding dress - calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4130 calgary-wedding-photographer_4131 wedding portraits - calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4133 wedding portraits - calgary wedding photographer Anne & Sandy Cross Wedding - calgary wedding photographer calgary-wedding-photographer_4136 calgary-wedding-photographer_4138 calgary-wedding-photographer_4139 calgary-wedding-photographer_4141 calgary-wedding-photographer_4140 calgary-wedding-photographer_4142 calgary-wedding-photographer_4143 calgary-wedding-photographer_4145 calgary-wedding-photographer_4146

Calgary Wedding Photographer // Wedding at The Lake House Calgary